PTC is a registered Trust with a vision to create a distinctive platform that twins the pursuits of science and technology with the awareness of culture, language and the value of indigenous people.

Exploring science and technology embedded in culture

The PTC Trust was set up in 2008. Our program – Indigenous Sparks™ – seeks to capture the heart and spirit of our indigenous people and empower them with a new sense of identity as co-contributors to our scientific world. 


PTC's program - Indigenous Sparks™ targets our youth population. They are the seeds to be secured in ensuring the future productivity of our nations.

We believe that underrepresented youth must carry a sense of their global significance, placement and identity in the world if they are to become producers and designers of new outcomes.


PTC's journey - Indigenous Sparks™ begins in local indigenous culture and forges a pathway into the world of science and technology.

By embedding science and technology within the heritage and cultures of the earth, Indigenous Sparks™ crafts a new paradigm for youths upon which an adventure into learning and discovery can be explored.


PTC tool of engagement - Indigenous Sparks™ empowers youth as future contributors of technological innovation by fostering a new appreciation of science and technology.

It also serves to inspire creativity within and across cultures through innovation, collaboration and development of partnerships.


Indigenous Sparks™ - a strategic tool for sparking new wonder, inquiry and passion for science and innovation within youth as we craft a more sustainable future in our world