The Objective

At our core is our focus on the youth population.

They are the seeds to be secured in ensuring future productivity of our nations. We believe that our youths must achieve a sense of global significance of their placement and identity in the world if they are to become producers and designers of new outcomes.

In devising a unique platform that emerges from within indigenous groups, PTC hopes to create a spark that kindles a flame that creates a new path for youth who are perceived as disadvantaged in the world.  PTC believes that there are hidden understandings and paradigms within these groups that can spark new forms of inquiry on a global scale.

Our program – Indigenous sparks therefore becomes a new path of wonder out of which emerges new learning, new identity and new paradigms within youth in determining the future shapes of our global village.

The Journey

Our journey begins in local indigenous culture and forges a pathway into the world of science and technology.

Technological innovation and culture are not usually twinned in the spectrum of academia. By embedding science and technology within the heritage and cultures of the earth, our PTC program forges a new paradigm for these youths upon which an adventure into learning and discovery can be explored. The outcome is designed to shatter stereotypes and hegemons and open the door for energies to be harnessed toward a creative and innovative masterpiece.

The world’s youth begins to appreciate science and technology as expressed through the beauty, culture and language of our indigenous people. In like manner, indigenous groups find value and identity as contributors to the quest for technological innovation.

The PTC journey becomes the portal to empower our youth as guardians and custodians of the precious treasures of the earth (local knowledge); whilst cultivating a new appetite and pursuit for discovery, creativity and understanding of the science and technology of life.

The Destination

Our program is a tool of scientific and technological engagement for those in society who would otherwise be perceived as disadvantaged.

It also serves to inspire creativity within and across cultures through innovation, collaboration and the development of partnerships.

Such creativity is built into our video-based teaching tools and our innovative platforms for exploration of science and technology.

Our program – Indigenous sparks - values the individual and the cultural heritage out of which behaviour emerge. Many underrepresented youth thrive in their culture but experience a sense of displacement outside of that context. Our emphasis on the embeddedness of science, technology and culture signifies our belief that revolutionary solutions, designs and ideas can be generated if we empower youth to see the connections between local knowledge and global expression. The end result can only unleash limitless possibilities.