Communicating science - Lower Hutt

Learning to communicate scientific findings is hard work. Yet its a skill that has to be engaged with as increasingly the average citizen has to grapple with matters of science in their everyday life. Some of NZ’s most challenging issues revolve around science questions. Our rangatahi focused on issues of greywater reuse and plastic reduction. Both issues hold significance for NZ environment given the declining quality of our freshwater and extent of plastic pollution on our shores. It is therefore critical that we teach students how to communicate their scientific investigations and results to a wider public so that together we learn and make positive changes.

Rangatahi in Lower Hutt took on this task as they communicated to peers, whanau and community the benefits of greywater and disadvantages of continual plastic use. The group were very proud of their display which has been featured at Naenae community library and hope their whanau can make better informed decisions from the learning they have gained.