Communicating science -Te Pātikitiki Community Library

Palmerston North youth enjoyed the process of converting their science learning into posters, displays and innovative designs for the general public. Our river monitoring crew spent time describing and explaining what constitutes a “clean and swimmable river”; relying on both primary and secondary sources of data to generate their descriptive explanation. These clever minds shone as they utilised their data to tell a story.

Students created a range of displays for the Highbury library and were highly commended by the librarian. Youth were very proud as they stood next to their work; recognising the significance of their role in raising awareness to the wider community of challenges facing our rivers and streams.

Our classes are also showcasing their displays at school for whanau and wider student body.

Kaumātua Jeff respected tribal elder of  Ngāti Kauwhata iwi, visited and commended students on excellent workmanship and kaitiakitanga. Students paid tribute with their waiata.