PTC's program Indigenous Sparks™ is a tool that moves science from the labs into the hands and from off the pages into a real experience.  It is designed to promote new wonder for science engagement and technological innovation as expressed through the beauty of indigenous culture.

Within our river project, students were trained to convert their data and recommendations into technological animations that can empower everyone to do their part toward improving river health.   Their animations are presented to iwi, whānau and at marae centres to spread the message and inspire and release curiousity. 



By focusing on our youth, our tamariki and whānau and upskilling them with science and technology skills, PTC helps to create a generation of STEM Agents of Change prepared to embrace the challenges and opportunities facing our environment with confidence and competence.

Join us as we investigate the plants and animals that live in rivers and find out what conditions they need to survive and flourish.  Support our youth as they study the quality of our rivers and devise novel ways of raising peer, whanau and community awareness.