Voyage of Discovery

Our research began in 2008 after observing the low uptake of the sciences amongst Pacific and Maori students in New Zealand.  We found similar trends across the world amongst underrepresented youth or groups perceived as disadvantaged. Over the years our heart for empowering this group of youth intensified and our current program is a response to that tug of our heart.

The program adopts innovative and interactive methodologies to achieve its end. The deliverables include a combination of  innovative activities and communication forums to spark new wonder and awe for science and technology within our youth.

Our Program

Our dynamic workshops follow some primary objectives:

  1. We offer curiosity workshops designed to explore science and technology from a cultural perspective and spark innovation.
  2. We provide think-tanks that allow youth to explore how knowledge of science and technology can be applied to local and social issues facing whānau.
  3. We provide opportunities for capacity development and skill training in a range of media techniques and practices.
  4. We develop collaborative platforms that challenge youth to create, explore and aspire toward new avenues of learning.
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Unlock your hidden potential

Every seed becomes a tree


The vision is to produce a new generation of global leaders who are empowered to see novel connections in unusual places as we expand the minds of underrepresented youth to become functional partners across our global world.

Indigenous Sparks™ will awaken your mind to think, inquire, discover and create. Take the time to explore, reflect and conceptualise. Your dream is just an imagination away.