Science Fair Displays Hawkesbay


EIT science fair in Hawkesbay is a premiere event and is focused on scientific investigations and or technological process design work. PTC's Indigenous Sparks™ enabled students to engage in an independent investigation of their local rivers and streams with the intent of generating a hypothesis, followed by the gathering of and analysis of data toward students making their own recommendations and drawing conclusions.

It was a glorious sight as students seized the opportunity to showcase their learning before a wide audience involving  a range of schools across the Hawkesbay region. Scores of students, whanau, teachers and community gathered to see the science and technology projects on display. Students were judged on how clearly they were able to explain their topic and present their ideas.  

Teams grappled with ensuring that their aims and hypotheses were clear and testable. The methods learnt from the scientists were put to test as students had to carefully consider what techniques to choose and exact measurements to take. Display boards documented the factors that necessitated control and challenges and limitations faced as students demonstrated key pathways toward their conclusions and recommendations.

The display boards were a tremendous success as they signalled the ways in which youths grappled with the nuances and precision of the scientific process and journeyed toward completion. The joy and sheer delight expressed as community, peers, whanau approached the display boards and congratulated the effort expended filled these youths with pride, identity and dignity in their achievement. High praise to the teaching & science staff who worked ardently with our rangatahi as together we create a generation of STEM Agents of Change prepared to embrace the challenges and opportunities facing our environment with confidence and competence.