Environmental Animators - First steps

Indigenous Sparks™ awarded the most outstanding youth animators the opportunity to work with professional animators at the Animation College Rotorua . Animation is widely regarded as a powerful tool for communicating. However there are considerations to be taken into account including:

  • Communication issues that must be addressed as teams of people fund themselves working together in crafting a unique message  
  • understanding the differences betweens developers and designers as both groups work toward deliverables
  • underscoring the value of collaboration, without which implementation and outcomes may not be fully realised.

Travelling to the Animation College, Rotorua, the College's group of professionals and students spent the day teaching our rangatahi how to create  basic gif animations around the theme of environmental sustainability. A sample of these are featured below:

Finding alternative ways to tell stories that inspire, influence and entertain tamariki using animation was the goal of the day at Animation college.  Professionals and students had fun learning from each other, exchanging ideas and learning skills in creative animation techniques.  Globally, animation is thriving, and developing at a greater pace than ever before as seen in digital screen graphics, computer games, music videos, films, etc.  The experience enabled youth to appreciate the range of software that can be utilised in communicating science stories more effectively to diverse audiences.

New Zealanders have a rich history and future in animation judging by the works of renowned animators from  Sir Peter Jackson's Weta workshop or the workmanship of Ian Taylor's  Animation Research which has  revolutionised televised sport through its Virtual Eye sports division.

Our students not only gained rich learning from their time at the college but were provided with key subject areas they now need to focus on toward future aspirations.

Many thanks to the team for an enjoyable and inspirational experience! 

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